Today in Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Professor Moody gave us a real taste of what it means to be on the front lines of battling dark forces. His gruff demeanor and constant vigilance made me feel like I was back in the midst of a battle with Voldemort himself.

I could see Hermione scribbling furiously in her notebook, trying to keep up with all of Moody's teachings. Ron, as usual, looked slightly befuddled but determined to do his best. And me? Well, I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement at the prospect of learning more about how to defend myself against dark magic.

Moody's lessons were intense and focused on practical skills rather than theory. We practiced defensive spells over and over again until they became second nature. He pushed us hard, expecting nothing less than perfection from each one of us.

But amidst all this intensity, there was something else simmering beneath the surface - tension between Draco Malfoy and me. Ever since our encounter in Hogsmeade last week, things have been different between us. Draco has been avoiding me whenever possible, which only serves to fuel my curiosity even more.

I can't help but wonder what lies behind his icy facade. Is he truly as cold-hearted as he appears? Or is there something deeper going on beneath that arrogant exterior?

As we left class today, I caught Draco sneaking glances in my direction before quickly averting his gaze when our eyes met. It's clear that whatever happened between us has affected him just as much as it has affected me.

Despite everything happening around me - Moody's tough lessons, Hermione's relentless pursuit for knowledge, Ron's unwavering loyalty - it seems like Draco Malfoy continues to occupy my thoughts more than anyone else.

Only time will tell where this newfound tension between us will lead...