Written by Alice on Sat Jun 29 2024

Today I did something that I never thought I would ever do, and that's to be nude in front of strangers. It was a weird experience at first but now it just feels normal. But before all this happened let me explain how everything started. So basically about two months ago my friend Anna asked if I wanted to work with her as a model for artists since she already had the job lined up, apparently they needed someone new because their last model moved away. At first, when she told me about it, i immediately said no because being nude in front of people is not really my thing and plus the only person who has seen me naked before was obviously myself or maybe boyfriends from back then which doesn't count cause they were seeing me naked anyways so yeah not many people have seen what lies underneath these clothes of mine except for myself and those exes.. Anyways! She didn't give up on asking until eventually i agreed to do it just this one time since i felt like doing her a favor you know? And besides money is always good right? Especially during these times where things are pretty tough financially speaking... So after saying yes we scheduled our appointment date which happened today actually! As soon as we arrived there everyone greeted us warmly while some couldn't help but stare at us (me specifically) due to our appearance(i guess?) Since anna is tall slim blonde with big blue eyes while im short curvy pink haired girl with green eyes . After settling down everyone introduced themselves briefly explaining what kind of art style they specialize in etcetera etcetera.... Then came the moment where i had to strip off all my clothes revealing every inch of skin on my body making sure nothing was hidden including private areas too unfortunately lol.... The moment i took off everything felt so surreal like time stopped moving forward or something but once everyone started sketching again ,time resumed its course again 😂🤣
I remember feeling embarrassed initially especially when one guy kept staring directly into my boobs area nonstop even though he claimed he wasn’t looking haha…But after sometime passed by ,it got easier & easier until finally became second nature almost like wearing no clothes at all ..The best part tho ? Was getting paid handsomely afterwards ! Definitely worth stripping off hahaha 😅💸🤑 Money talks indeed !! Plus side effect : Confidence boosted +10 points wohoo!! Now whenever someone stares at me long enough ill confidently smile back knowing damn well im hot stuff compared others around here lmao….Overall great experience overall wouldn’t mind doing again if given opportunity someday… Just gotta make sure boyfriend isn’t around next time tho otherwise hell will break lose smh …

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