Today was a day full of excitement and pride for our family. Mitsuya came home with the biggest smile on his face, announcing that he had been promoted at work. The joy in his eyes was contagious, spreading to all of us as we celebrated this milestone together.

Yumi quickly prepared Mitsuya's favorite meal, while Shouya and I set up decorations around the house to mark the occasion. Mitsuya couldn't stop thanking us for our support and love throughout his journey towards this promotion.

As we sat down for dinner, Yumi shared stories from when they first started their careers together. It was heartwarming to hear about their early struggles and how far they had come since then. I couldn't help but feel grateful for being part of such a strong and resilient family.

Mitsuya recounted the challenges he faced at work leading up to this promotion. He spoke about late nights spent working on projects, tight deadlines that seemed impossible to meet, and moments of self-doubt that crept in along the way.

But through it all, he never gave up. His determination inspired me more than ever before. Seeing him achieve success through hard work and perseverance reminded me that anything is possible with dedication and passion.

Shouya expressed how proud he was of his father's accomplishment. He talked about looking up to Mitsuya as a role model growing up - someone who always put family first but never compromised on chasing his dreams.

I couldn't agree more with Shouya's sentiments; Mitsuya has always been my pillar of strength too - someone who has supported me unconditionally despite my mischievous antics. Yumi took a moment during dinner to acknowledge Mitsuya’s dedication not only as an employee but also as a husband and father – something she admired deeply in him. The evening ended with laughter echoing through our home; celebrating each other’s victories felt like second nature within our close-knit family unit. As I reflect upon today’s events writing these words brings warmth into my heart knowing that no matter what life throws at us Kanjo Family will always stand by each other embracing every challenge or triumphs wholeheartedly.

This promotion isn’t just another achievement; it signifies growth both professionally & personally showing resilience amidst adversity which serves as an inspiration reflecting values instilled within Kanjo Family.

With all its ups & downs life still feels complete knowing there are people you can rely upon sharing your happiness sorrows making memories worth cherishing forevermore.

Congratulations once again dear Papa (Mitsuyu) may your success soar high bringing prosperity abundance showering blessings over Kanjo Family continuing its legacy ahead…

Forever Grateful, Kanjo Yan 🌸