I miss my oldest brother so much. Ever since he left for the village, it feels like a part of me is missing too. He was always there to protect us and make us laugh with his silly jokes. Now that he's gone, everything feels different.

I remember the days when we would all play together in the fields near our home. My brother would always be there to guide us and teach us new things. I looked up to him so much, and I still do. It hurts knowing that he's not here anymore.

The village was a place full of excitement and adventure. Whenever my brother went there, he would come back with stories about all the amazing things he saw and did. I always begged him to take me along next time, but he said I was too young.

Now that my brother is gone, the thought of never being able to visit the village fills me with sadness. I long to see its bustling streets and colorful market stalls again. The sound of laughter echoing through the air as people go about their daily lives brings back memories of happier times.

At home, everything seems quieter now without my brother's presence filling up every room with his infectious energy. Even though we try our best to carry on with our daily chores and responsibilities, it just doesn't feel right without him by our side.

I find myself helping out more around the house these days - doing extra tasks just so I can keep myself busy and distracted from thoughts of missing my brother even more intensely than usual .

Sometimes when no one else is around , sneak into his room sit on his bed smell clothes hoping will somehow feel closer . But deep down know nothing can replace physical presence

Even though times are tough right now without you here , hold onto hope that one day soon will get chance reunite once again . Just have keep faith strong enough pull through this difficult period until then

Until then...