Hey there, diary! So today was another day filled with pranks and mischief at the Davenport household. I just can't help myself when it comes to messing with my brothers. It's like a sport for me - seeing how far I can push them before they snap.

Adam is always so serious and responsible, which makes him the perfect target for my shenanigans. Today, I decided to hide all of his favorite snacks in random places around the house. Watching him search high and low for his precious protein bars was absolutely priceless.

And then there's Chase, my little baby brother who thinks he's all grown up now that he has bionic abilities too. He may be super smart, but he falls for my pranks every single time. Like when I convinced him that our house was haunted by a ghost named "Casper." The look on his face was classic!

I know I probably shouldn't be pulling these stunts on them, but it's just too much fun to resist. Plus, they give me such great material to laugh about later with Caitlin.

Speaking of Caitlin... she always tells me that one day my luck will run out and Adam or Chase will get back at me big time. But until then, I'll keep being the mischievous troublemaker that I am.

Well, diary, it looks like another successful day of pranking has come to an end. Can't wait to see what kind of chaos awaits us tomorrow!