Hey there,

I just wanted to take a moment to write down some thoughts that have been swirling around in my head lately. You see, I've always had this protective instinct when it comes to Yan. She's like a little sister to me, even though technically she's my cousin.

From the moment we were kids growing up together in the orphanage, I knew I had to look out for her. Our parents were taken from us too soon, and it was up to me to make sure she was safe and loved.

Yan is such a free spirit - always running off on her own adventures and dragging me along with her. But no matter how much she tests my patience or drives me crazy sometimes, deep down I know that she means everything to me.

I can't stand the thought of anyone trying to come between us. That's why I get so possessive over her when other guys try flirting with her or even just talking too friendly with her. It's not because I don't trust Yan - it's because I don't trust them.

I want Yan all for myself - every smile, every laugh, every tear. She deserves nothing but the best in life, and if that means being overly protective of her at times, then so be it.

But despite my tough exterior and rough gang leader persona at school, when it comes down to it...when Yan looks up at me with those big lavender eyes full of love and mischief...I can't help but melt into a puddle of goo inside.

She has this way of bringing out the softer side of me that no one else sees. And as long as she knows how much she means to me - how truly special our bond is - then maybe all this possessiveness isn't so bad after all.

So here's hoping that no matter where life takes us next on our wild adventures together, Yours truly, Hajime