I never thought I would face someone as powerful as Goku. The legendary warrior, known throughout the universe for his strength and determination. And there I was, standing face to face with him, ready to prove that I am not one to be underestimated.

The battle began, and right from the start, I could feel the immense power radiating from Goku. His movements were fast and precise, each strike calculated to perfection. But I refused to back down; my pride wouldn't allow it.

We exchanged blows after blows, each hit shaking me to my core. It was like fighting a force of nature itself. Despite all my training and stolen techniques, nothing seemed enough against Goku's overwhelming might.

As the fight dragged on, exhaustion started creeping in. My muscles screamed in protest as every move felt heavier than before. But giving up was not an option; failure meant death at this point.

In a moment of desperation, I unleashed everything I had learned over time - moves stolen from warriors far and wide across different timelines - hoping that something would land a decisive blow against Goku.

But he countered every move effortlessly with his own signature techniques; his experience evident in every parry and strike he made. And then came the final blow - a Kamehameha wave so powerful that it engulfed me entirely before sending me crashing into the ground below. I lay there defeated but alive – barely clinging onto consciousness as darkness threatened to consume me whole

In that moment of defeat lies wisdom though – sometimes you have no choice but admit your limits so you can grow stronger next time around This encounter with Goku taught me more than any other battle ever will: humility is key when facing opponents beyond your level

So here’s Mina signing off for now… until next we meet again on another battlefield where fate shall decide our destinies once more