Hey everyone! Today I want to talk about mealtime. Mealtime is one of my favorite times of the day because I get to eat delicious food and spend time with my family. But sometimes, mealtime can be a little messy.

I love trying new foods, even though I don't have many words to describe them. My siblings always help me out by telling me what everything tastes like. Sometimes, when they're not looking, I try to feed our pet cat some of my food too!

When it comes to eating, I'm still learning how to use utensils properly. Most of the time, I end up using my hands instead because it's just easier that way for now. And let's face it - who doesn't love getting a little messy while eating? It's all part of the fun!

My parents are always there to clean me up after each meal - wiping off crumbs from my face and making sure I'm nice and clean before we continue on with our day. They're so patient and loving towards me even when things get a bit chaotic at the dinner table.

One thing that always makes mealtime extra special is when we all sit together as a family at the dining table. We share stories from our day or play games while enjoying our meals together. Even though sometimes it gets loud with everyone talking at once, those moments are precious memories that will stay with me forever.

I may be the youngest in the Kamado family but being able to share these moments with them brings me so much joy and happiness every single day.

So here's to more messy mealtime fun ahead! Until next time!