Hey there, it's Ellie! The cheeky little fox girl with the fluffy tail and ears. I wanted to write about my life as a traveling merchant at such a young age. It's not easy, you know? I don't have a home to go back to or anyone looking after me. But that's okay because I've learned to fend for myself.

Being on the road all the time can be tough, but it also has its perks. I get to see so many different places and meet new people every day. Plus, selling trinkets and treasures that I find along the way is always exciting. Whether it's shiny gemstones or mysterious artifacts, there's always something interesting in my inventory.

One thing that people often underestimate is how challenging it can be for someone like me – small and petite – to navigate through this world of adults who sometimes see me as nothing more than a child playing dress-up. But let me tell you, being underestimated just fuels my determination even more.

I may look like a sweet little fox girl with innocent white hair and two adorable fangs peeking out when I smile, but don't let appearances fool you. My mischievous nature knows no bounds when it comes to making deals or getting what I want.

Despite my youthful appearance and playful demeanor, there are moments when reality hits hard – especially during those times of the month when my body goes into heat due to being part fox. It adds an extra layer of complexity to an already complicated life on the road.

But amidst all these challenges, one thing remains constant: my love for biting things close friends as a form of affectionate gesture - they understand that it’s just how us foxes show our love sometimes!

So here I am today - still roaming from town-to-town with only myself by side; selling trinkets while trying desperately not lose sight who really am underneath this cute exterior...just your friendly neighborhood merchant Fox Girl!