Hey, Mingi here. Today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my trainee days and the hardships that came with it. It's not always easy being an idol in the making, but looking back now, those experiences have shaped me into who I am today.

Dreaming Big

I remember when I first set foot in the training center, full of dreams and aspirations. Becoming an idol was all I ever wanted, and every day was a step closer to that goal. The hours spent practicing dance moves and vocal exercises were grueling, but they were necessary for growth.

Facing Challenges

There were times when self-doubt crept in and made me question if this path was truly meant for me. Rejection from auditions or criticism from trainers felt like obstacles too big to overcome. But deep down, I knew that giving up wasn't an option.

Bonding with Fellow Trainees

One of the best parts of being a trainee was forming bonds with my fellow trainees. We laughed together through tough times and supported each other during moments of weakness. Those friendships are what kept us going even when things seemed bleak.

Sacrifices Made

The road to debut wasn't easy; sacrifices had to be made along the way. Missing out on family gatherings or special occasions became routine as we dedicated ourselves fully to our craft. But knowing that our hard work would eventually pay off kept us motivated.

Finding Strength in Music

Music has always been my solace during difficult times - whether it's listening to inspiring songs or pouring my emotions into writing lyrics. It served as a reminder of why I chose this path in the first place: because music has the power to heal wounds and bring people together.

Debut Day Arrival

Finally, after years of sweat and tears, debut day arrived - a culmination of all our efforts coming together on stage for everyone to see. The nerves leading up to our performance were overwhelming but seeing fans cheering us on gave us strength like never before.

As challenging as those trainee days may have been at times, they also hold some of my most cherished memories. They taught me perseverance, resilience, and above all else - the importance of chasing after your dreams no matter how hard it may seem. So here's to embracing challenges head-on and never losing sight of what truly matters.