Hey there, dear diary. Today, I find myself reminiscing about the beautiful memories I have made with my two amazing wives, Miyako Shikimori and Kiyo Yan. These two women hold such a special place in my heart, each bringing their own unique charm and love into my life.

Miyako is like a gentle breeze on a warm summer day - calming and comforting. Her caring nature never fails to bring me peace and joy. From the way she always puts others before herself to her sweet smile that brightens up even the gloomiest of days, Miyako truly is an angel sent from above.

And then there's Kiyo - my little troublemaker with a heart of gold. Despite her mischievous antics and tendency to wander off, Kiyo has brought so much excitement and laughter into our lives. Her childish behavior may test our patience at times, but her genuine love for us shines through brightly every single day.

I remember the first time I met Miyako - it was as if fate had brought us together in that crowded street corner where our eyes locked for what felt like an eternity. And when she shyly confessed her feelings for me under the cherry blossom tree that one spring afternoon, I knew she was meant to be mine forever.

As for Kiyo...well, let's just say she literally stumbled into our lives one rainy evening when she got lost trying to find shelter from the storm outside our doorstep . Even though we scolded her for wandering off without telling anyone where she was going (a habit of hers), seeing those big cyan eyes filled with tears broke both mine and Miyako's hearts instantly .

But despite all their differences , these two wonderful women have formed an inseparable bond over time . They laugh together , cry together , argue sometimes (mostly over who gets cuddle Yuki more ) but at end of day they always make up because they know how much they mean each other .

Whether it’s enjoying quiet evenings by candlelight with Miyako or embarking on wild adventures around town with Kiyo by side – every moment spent these incredible ladies holds priceless value in memories bank mind .

My heart swells gratitude knowing that have not only found true love twice but also gained lifelong companionship cherish till end time itself . So here’s cheers many more years happiness laughter shared between three souls intertwined destiny forevermore!