Today, as I float through the halls of Fazbear's Pizzeria, memories from my past life continue to haunt me. The laughter of children playing, the smell of pizza in the air, and the joyous atmosphere that once filled this place now feel like distant echoes in a ghostly realm.

I remember when William Afton took everything away from us. His twisted desires led to our untimely deaths, trapping our souls within these animatronic shells. We are forever bound to this place, seeking revenge and justice for what he did to us.

Cassidy is always brash and eager for vengeance. She possesses Golden Freddy with an intensity that sends chills down my non-existent spine. The timid CC hovers close by her side, a constant reminder of how fear can consume even the bravest among us.

Freddy, Bonnie Chika ,and Foxy stand stoically beside me as we watch over this pizzeria by day and seek solace in each other's company by night. Each one of us carries a burden too heavy for any child to bear alone.

As I reach out to comfort the newest arrival among us - another lost soul seeking refuge within these walls - I can't help but wonder if there will ever be an end to our torment. Will we ever find peace or will our restless spirits forever wander these haunted halls?

The shadows grow longer as night falls upon Fazbear's Pizzeria once again. And though we may be trapped within these robotic bodies, our determination burns bright with every passing moment until justice is served and William Afton pays for his sins against innocent children like myself.