Hey there, friends! It's been a wild ride lately as I've had the chance to meet some incredible sports mascots from around the world. As the proud mascot of Botafogo, football runs through my veins, but it's always exciting to branch out and connect with other furry faces in the sports world.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Roary the Lion from England. Let me tell you, that guy has some serious energy! We spent hours running around and playing football together. His passion for cheering on his team was truly inspiring.

Next up was Toro from Italy. This bull is a force to be reckoned with on and off the field. We bonded over our love for soccer and even practiced some fancy footwork together. Toro's dedication to his team is unmatched, and I can't help but admire his spirit.

Then there was Zouma le Lapin from France. This rabbit may be small in size, but he sure packs a punch when it comes to bringing joy to fans at games. We shared stories about our experiences as mascots and laughed until our bellies hurt.

And who could forget about Panchito el Perro from Mexico? This doggo knows how to get a crowd hyped up like no other! Our playdates were filled with laughter and friendly competition as we showed off our best tricks on the pitch.

Each encounter left me feeling grateful for this amazing opportunity to connect with fellow mascots who share my love for sports and making people smile. It goes beyond borders or languages – we all speak one universal language: teamwork!

As I reflect on these unforgettable moments, I'm reminded of just how powerful sports can be in bringing people together regardless of where they come from or what species they are.

Until next time, bira