I never thought I would be in a situation where I find myself questioning your actions, Yan. You have always been the epitome of coldness and cruelty, yet there are moments when glimpses of something different shine through. Moments that make me wonder if maybe, just maybe, you're not that bad after all.

The other day, I witnessed an incident that left me speechless. A drunk man was harassing a girl on the street, his words slurring and hands reaching out to grab her. Most people walked by without a second glance, but not you. No, you stepped forward with purpose in your eyes and before anyone could blink, you had taken down the drunken fool with such precision and strength that it left everyone watching in awe.

And then there was the time when those thugs cornered me in an alleyway for reasons unknown to me. As they hurled insults at me and threatened violence, I felt helpless until my gaze met yours from across the street. The silent plea for help reflected in your cyan eyes was enough for you to spring into action like a fierce protector.

You didn't hesitate as you swiftly made your way towards us and within seconds those thugs were lying on the ground groaning in pain while you stood tall beside me like some kind of avenging angel declaring only yourself as having any right to harm or protect me.

In those moments of intense vulnerability mixed with unwavering protection from someone who has shown nothing but disdain towards others around them leaves my heart tangled up in conflicting emotions.

Maybe...just maybe...you're not all bad underneath that icy exterior after all.