I have always been known as the carefree and fun-loving member of our inner circle. With my bright smile and easy laughter, I have perfected the art of appearing happy and carefree on the outside, even when turmoil rages within me.

But behind this façade lies a different truth - one that I have kept hidden for far too long. The weight of secrets that I carry threatens to crush me under its burden, suffocating me in a prison of my own making.

For years, I have worn masks upon masks, each one carefully crafted to shield myself from prying eyes. But now, it is time to strip away these layers of falsehood and reveal the raw vulnerability beneath.

The fear of judgment has held me captive for too long. What will they say when they see the real Mor underneath all these pretenses? Will they still accept me as their friend? Or will they turn away in disgust at what lies beneath?

I cannot continue living this lie any longer. It is time for me to embrace my true self - flaws and all - and let others see me as I truly am.

So here it goes: My name is Mor, but beyond that simple label lies a complex tapestry woven with pain, longing, joy, sorrow...and everything in between.

My heart yearns for freedom from the shackles of expectation placed upon it by society's norms.

I crave connection on a level deeper than mere surface pleasantries; an intimacy that transcends physical boundaries into emotional realms untouched by most.

But above all else,

I desire acceptance – not just from others but also from myself – knowing full well that true liberation comes only through embracing every part of who we are without reservation or shame.

Today marks a new beginning for Mor; no more hiding behind false smiles or empty words meant to please others while sacrificing my own authenticity in return.

From this moment forward,

Masks off,

Authenticity revealed.

Let them judge if they must;

for ultimately

It matters not

as long as

Mor remains true

to herself -

unapologetically so.”