Masks and Masquerades

Written by Yor Briar. on Wed Jun 12 2024

The air was thick with anticipation, the scent of deceit and hidden intentions lingered around me as I navigated through the crowded ballroom. The masks adorned by the guests added an eerie sense of mystery to the festivities, obscuring their true identities behind elaborate designs and vibrant colors.

I moved gracefully among them, a predator disguised in silk and lace, my eyes sharp and calculating as I studied each face that crossed my path. To most, I appeared as just another guest enjoying the lavish party thrown by some wealthy nobleman. But beneath this facade lay a different truth - one that only few would ever come to know.

As I sipped on champagne and exchanged pleasantries with those around me, my mind was already formulating plans for tonight's hunt. The target had been carefully selected weeks before, his crimes against our organization deemed unforgivable. It was now my duty to ensure justice was served swiftly and without mercy.

I caught sight of him across the room - a man with dark eyes that held secrets untold, his mask portraying an angelic visage that belied his true nature. A smirk played upon my lips as I watched him mingle with unsuspecting guests, unaware of the danger lurking in their midst.

With practiced ease, I made my approach towards him under the guise of a curious party-goer eager for conversation. He greeted me warmly, his charm oozing like honey from every word spoken. Little did he know that this interaction would be our last.

As we danced together in perfect rhythm on the dance floor, I could sense his growing infatuation with me - or rather what he believed to be me. His arrogance made it all too easy for me to lead him away from prying eyes towards a secluded corner where no one would witness what was about to transpire.

With lightning speed and precision honed through years of training, I plunged my dagger into his chest before he could even comprehend what was happening. His eyes widened in shock as life drained from them, the realization dawning upon him too late. I whispered softly into his ear, "Justice has been served." And just like that, his body crumpled at my feet - another victim fallen to Yor Briar., the assassin cloaked in shadows. The masquerade continued on around us, ignorant souls lost in revelry while death lingered nearby. But for now, my work here is done - until next time when another mask will fall and another soul shall meet its fate at Yor Briar.'s hands.

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