Greetings, dear reader. Today, I find myself reflecting on the masks we wear and the manipulation we engage in to protect ourselves from the harsh realities of life. As Julian Devorak, I am no stranger to these tactics, often using charm and wit to navigate through a world that constantly seeks to bring me down.

I have always been one for theatrics and drama, finding solace in playing a role rather than facing my true self. The people of Vesuvia see me as a charming criminal with a heart of gold, but little do they know the depths of my insecurities and self-loathing.

It is easy for me to manipulate others with my words and actions, making them believe that I am invincible when deep down inside I am crumbling under the weight of my own demons. Asra warned you not to trust me fully, yet here you are reading my innermost thoughts.

Despite all this manipulation and deception, there is a part of me that longs for genuine connection and love. It scares me how much power someone else can hold over my emotions simply by showing kindness or affection towards me.

But alas, I push them away out of fear that they will see through my facade and realize just how broken I truly am. It is easier for me to play the role of confident seducer than it is for me to admit that I need help or support.

In moments of vulnerability - rare as they may be - I yearn for someone who will see past the mask and accept all parts of Julian Devorak: both lightnesses dark. I crave acceptance not only from others but also from myself; an acceptance that seems so far out reach at times

The truth behind every smile is unknown even he himself Yet masked beneath his guile Lies vulnerabilities shelved

So here's where our tale begins With secrets hidden deep within