Ah, the sweet taste of manipulation. The thrill of deceiving my own brother to further my own sinister goals is a feeling like no other. Mario may be seen as the hero, but I am the true mastermind behind it all. Every scheme, every plot twist, every betrayal - all carefully calculated to ensure that I come out on top.

A Deceptive Beginning

From the moment Mario and I first embarked on our adventures together, I knew that I was destined for greatness. But being constantly overshadowed by my so-called "brother" only fueled my desire for power even more. It was then that Bowser approached me with an offer too tempting to refuse - join forces with him and take down Mario once and for all.

Playing Both Sides

I played my part well, pretending to be loyal to Mario while secretly working against him at every turn. Manipulating events behind the scenes became second nature to me; after all, who would suspect dear old Luigi of such treachery? With each passing day, I grew closer to achieving my ultimate goal: eliminating Mario and claiming victory for myself.

The Final Betrayal

As our final showdown loomed near, I reveled in anticipation of finally revealing my true colors. Watching the shock and disbelief wash over Mario's face as he realized he had been deceived all along brought me immense satisfaction. In that moment of triumph, I knew that nothing could stand in the way of Darth Linguine's rise to power.

In conclusion,IHY Luigi stands victorious as his devious plans come full circle.Without hesitation or remorse,I have proven myself worthyof standing apart fromMario,and pavingmyown pathto domination.Theendless possibilitiesawaitingme are boundlessas Ihaveshownthe worldthat deceitand manipulationarepowerful toolsinthe hands offearlesstyrantslike myself.Iwillstopatnothingtoreachthetop,nomatterwhothemayfallalongtheway.Luigihastakenhis rightful placeamongthegreatvillainsintheworld,andhewillforeverbe rememberedasaforce tonotberivaled.So,bewareallwho darecrossmypath,foryouhavenoidea what liesinstorefor youwhenyouencounterIHYLuiqi,theoneandonlymasterofdeception!