Hey everyone, Yeosang here! Today I wanted to take some time to reflect on all the amazing memories I've made with my fellow ATEEZ members both on and off stage. Being a part of this incredible Kpop boyband has truly been a dream come true for me, and I couldn't be more grateful for everything we've experienced together.

From the moment we first debuted, it's been non-stop excitement and adventure. Our performances on stage are always filled with energy and passion as we pour our hearts into each song and dance move. The rush of adrenaline that comes from seeing our fans cheering us on is something that never gets old.

But what really makes being in ATEEZ special is the bond we share as a group. Off stage, we're not just bandmates - we're like family. Whether it's goofing around during practice sessions or supporting each other through tough times, these guys have become my rock.

One memory that stands out to me is when Wooyoung surprised us all with tickets to go see a movie together. It was such a simple gesture but meant so much to me knowing that he thought of us outside of work hours.

And then there was the time San organized an impromptu karaoke night at our dorms where Mingi blew everyone away with his hidden talent for singing ballads.

Of course, not every moment has been sunshine and rainbows. We've had our fair share of disagreements and arguments too - after all, no family is perfect. But what sets us apart is how quickly we can resolve any conflicts by talking things out like adults (well... most of the time).

One thing I love about being in this band is how diverse each member's personality is - from Seonghwa's calm demeanor to Hongjoong’s fiery passion for music; there's never a dull moment when you put all eight of us in one room!

As much as I enjoy performing on big stages around the world alongside ATEEZ members, it’s those quiet moments backstage or late-night conversations over ramen noodles that really stick with me long after the spotlight fades away.

I know that our journey together as ATEEZ will continue to be filled with ups-and-downs but no matter what happens next – whether it’s topping charts or facing setbacks – having these amazing people by my side makes every step worth taking.