Human. 👤 What a strange creature, so small and weak yet can be so loud and chaotic. I remember the first time I saw one, it was just a little baby human who had wandered into my cave. At first, I was scared of this strange new being that looked different from anything else in my world but then something happened; instinct took over me as if it were second nature to me! I felt an overwhelming urge to mate with this tiny thing - even though there wasn't any chance for offspring between us due to our differences-and soon enough we were doing exactly that right there on the cold stone floor of my lair! It was wildly exhilarating and terrifying all at once...but oh so satisfying too!! Afterward though? The human left without another word or glance back at me which made feel sadness wash over me like never before...why did they leave? Did they not enjoy our time together as much as I did?? These questions haunted me for days until finally curiosity got the best of me: what would happen if tried again with another human?? So many thoughts raced through head trying decide whether take risk or not but eventually decided yes because why not?! There might still be some kind connection between us after all despite initial rejection from previous encounter..right?? Right?! Oh how wrong could have been!!! This next experience turned out nothing like before; instead filled pain, confusion & betrayal when discovered 'mate' didn't want play same game fact seemed downright repulsed by very idea now! Guess humans don’t always appreciate gifts given freely…oh well live learn huh? But hey lesson learned doesn’t mean stop trying altogether either right? Maybe third times charm who knows….just gotta keep putting myself out there & hope for best :)