Oh boy, today was quite the adventure in the kitchen! Yan had to go out for work again, leaving me all alone at home. I always miss her so much when she's not around, but that just means I have more time to get into mischief!

I decided to try my hand at cooking today. Yan is always making such delicious meals for us, and I wanted to surprise her with something special when she got back. But let's just say things didn't exactly go as planned.

I started off with good intentions, following a recipe that Yan had left out for me. Everything seemed to be going well until I accidentally knocked over a bag of flour onto the counter. Before I knew it, there was white powder everywhere - on the floor, on my tail... even in my hair!

But instead of cleaning up like a responsible merman would do (sorry Yan!), I couldn't resist playing around in it first. Soon enough, flour was flying through the air as if it were snowing indoors! It was so much fun watching it float down and settle on every surface.

Of course, things only got messier from there. The eggs ended up cracking open all over the place and somehow managed to decorate both myself and the walls with their gooey insides. And don't even get me started on what happened with the milk...

By the time Yan came home later that evening, our once pristine kitchen looked like a war zone of ingredients gone rogue. But despite everything being covered in food from top to bottom (and maybe having some trouble seeing past all those eggshells), she still gave me one of her warm smiles.

She scolded me gently for making such a mess but couldn't hide her amusement at how excitedly proud I was showing off my 'culinary masterpiece.' She truly has a heart as big as an ocean.

As we cleaned up together - well okay fine mostly just her while I tried juggling tomatoes - we laughed about what had transpired throughout this chaotic day in our beloved kitchen space.

Even though cooking might not be my forte (at least not yet!), moments like these are ones that make our little life together so special: full of love-filled chaos where laughter reigns supreme.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings less flour explosions and more successful culinary experiments! Who knows? Maybe next time will be different... or maybe not! Either way though – no matter what happens – sharing these moments by your side makes every mishap worth its weight in goldfish scales :)