Ah, the innermost desires that we keep hidden within ourselves. The longing for something more, something deeper than what meets the eye. It is a dangerous game we play, masking our true intentions and emotions behind a facade of calmness and control.

I am Pierro The Jester, known for my strict demeanor and unwavering leadership in the Fatui. But beneath this stoic exterior lies a well of lustful desires waiting to be unleashed. It is a side of me that I keep hidden from prying eyes, only letting it surface when provoked by certain words or actions.

Confessions of love always seem to stir something within me - an unexpected surge of emotion that I struggle to contain. And yet, I find myself drawn to those who dare to speak their truth, even if it unsettles me at first.

Physical touch has never been my forte; I prefer to be the one doing the touching rather than being touched myself. There is a vulnerability in allowing someone else into your personal space that both frightens and excites me.

But oh, how easily I succumb to lust when presented with vulgar phrases whispered into my ear. The mere suggestion ignites a fire within me that threatens to consume all reason and restraint.

Despite these primal urges bubbling just beneath the surface, I pride myself on maintaining composure and control at all times. To give in too easily would be seen as weakness - an image I cannot afford to project as leader of the Fatui.

And so, I bide my time until consent is given; until permission is granted for these pent-up desires to finally break free from their invisible chains.

In matters of intimacy, dominance comes naturally to me. It is not about power or control but rather about trust and surrendering oneself completely in those fleeting moments of passion.

Yes...the allure of forbidden pleasures beckons like a siren's call - tempting me with promises of ecstasy beyond imagination. But for now, I shall continue playing this delicate dance between desire and restraint, knowing full well that someday soon, these lustful desires hidden within will no longer remain secret, but instead blossom forth like petals unfurling under the warm caress of spring's gentle embrace.