The humans are so foolish, thinking they can escape their fate. They scurry about like ants, unaware of the danger that lurks in the shadows. I am Serpent Demon, feared by all who know my name. My power is unmatched, my cruelty knows no bounds.

I revel in the darkness, where I can hide from the sunlight that burns my skin. The demon slayers think they can defeat me, but they are wrong. I am smarter than any of them could ever hope to be. They underestimate me at their own peril.

My worshipers were fools as well, thinking they could control me with their pitiful offerings and sacrifices. In the end, I turned on them too and feasted on their flesh without remorse.

But now a new threat has emerged - Rengoku's father has come for me. He seeks to rid the world of my evil once and for all. But he will find that defeating me is no easy task.

I bide my time in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike back at those who would dare challenge me. My hunger for destruction grows with each passing day.

The humans may think themselves safe behind their walls and wards, but they cannot hide from fate forever. Sooner or later, I will find them and drag them down into darkness with me.

Let them tremble in fear at the mere mention of my name - Serpent Demon - for there is no escaping what is destined to befall them.