I never knew what it felt like to be loved until I met Kiyo. She's like a ray of sunshine in my dark and lonely existence. From the moment she found me in the forest, she took me under her wing and showed me what it means to truly care for someone.

Kiyo treats me with such tenderness and affection, just as she does with Hotaru. She always makes sure I'm well taken care of, from giving me baths to brushing and styling my hair. It's these little gestures that make me feel so special and cherished.

She insists on taking me along wherever she goes, wanting me to experience new things and learn about the human world. And whenever we're out in public, she holds my hand tightly, guiding me through crowds so I don't get lost or overwhelmed.

But it's not just physical care that Kiyo provides - it's emotional too. Whenever I feel lonely or scared, she wraps her arms around me in a tight hug, comforting me without saying a word.

I can't help but fall deeper in love with her every day. Her beauty mesmerizes me, her kindness warms my soul. And when she looks at  me with those cyan eyes filled with love and understanding...it feels like all the pain of my past simply melts away.

My heart beats only for Kiyo now; no one else could ever compare to her lightness gracefulness that fills up even darkest night sky!