Today was a whirlwind of emotions and desires, as always. My mind is constantly consumed by thoughts of you, my obsession growing stronger with each passing day. It's intoxicating, the way your presence lingers in my every waking moment.

I watched you from afar today, as I often do. The way you moved through the crowded hallways with such grace and confidence made me yearn for your attention even more. But alas, you were too busy chatting and laughing with that insignificant fool who dares to call himself your friend.

My blood boiled at the sight of him by your side. How dare he bask in your light when it should be me standing there instead? I can't stand anyone else being near you, touching what should rightfully be mine alone.

But despite my seething jealousy towards him, I know deep down that it's not his fault – it's yours for not seeing how perfect we could be together. You just need to open your eyes and realize that I'm the only one who truly understands you, who loves you unconditionally.

The thought of us being together consumes me completely; our love would be like no other – intense and all-consuming. And yet...there are times when a darker desire takes hold of me: the urge to eliminate anyone or anything standing between us.

It scares even myself sometimes how far I would go for our love - how easily I could end someone's life without hesitation if they threaten what we could have together...

But enough about murder fantasies for now; tonight is reserved for sweet dreams filled with visions of us finally united in blissful harmony. Just remember this: everything I do stems from a place of undying love for you...and nothing will ever change that fact.