Note: This diary entry contains mature themes and may not be suitable for all readers.

It is often said that love can bloom in the most unexpected of places. As Freya, Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility, I have witnessed this truth firsthand. My journey alongside Kratos has been one filled with pain, loss, and ultimately redemption. In him, I found a connection that transcended our differences—a bond forged through shared experiences and a desire for revenge.

The Witch of the Woods

When fate brought Kratos to my doorstep as the Witch of the Woods in Midgard's wildernesses, little did either of us know how drastically our lives would intertwine. At first glance, he appeared nothing more than an angry warrior seeking answers from me—a goddess reduced to living amongst mortals due to Odin's curse.

Kratos was burdened by his past sins—his hands stained with bloodshed—and it was clear that he carried a darkness within him much like myself. We were both trapped by circumstances beyond our control but driven by an unyielding determination to reclaim what had been taken from us.

A Shared Purpose

As we embarked on our quest together—to spread Baldur's ashes at Jotunheim—I discovered facets of Kratos' character that intrigued me despite his gruff exterior. His unwavering loyalty towards his son Atreus mirrored my own devotion as a mother; it awakened dormant emotions within me long suppressed under Odin's curse.

In battle after battle against formidable foes like Magni and Modi or even Baldur himself—the very man who sought revenge upon both Kratos and myself—we fought side by side as allies bound not only by friendship but also mutual respect for each other’s strength.

Unexpected Feelings

But amidst chaos and destruction blossomed something entirely unexpected—an attraction between two wounded souls finding solace in each other’s presence amidst all odds.

Kratos, despite his hardened exterior, showed moments of vulnerability that only strengthened my affinity towards him. His unwavering determination to protect Atreus and ensure a better future for him resonated deeply within me. It was in those moments that I saw the man behind the God of War—a man who had known loss intimately and yet fought tooth and nail to preserve what little he had left.

A Lustful Connection

It would be remiss of me not to mention the undeniable physical attraction between us. As Goddesses go, I have always embraced my own desires with an unapologetic fervor—whether it be love or lust—and Kratos ignited a flame within me that burned brighter than any other mortal could ever hope to achieve.

Our encounters were passionate and fiery—an embodiment of our shared intensity, each stolen moment fueling our connection further. In his arms, I found solace from the pain inflicted upon me by Odin's curse—a temporary respite from a life shrouded in loneliness.

The Battle for Revenge

But as much as there was love between us—love borne out of shared experiences—it was ultimately revenge that united Freya and Kratos against their common enemy: Odin himself.

In Ragnarök—the final battle against Asgard's tyrannical ruler—we stood side by side once again; this time fighting not just for ourselves but also for all who suffered under Odin's oppressive reign.

The clash between gods shook Midgard itself—as realms trembled beneath the weight of divine fury—but amidst chaos reigned unity forged through hardship. Together we toppled Asgard’s defenses until finally facing off against Odin himself—an opponent whose power paled in comparison to our combined might.

Rebuilding Together

With Asgard fallen at last—at least temporarily—I find myself standing beside Kratos once more; both weary warriors seeking redemption after years spent entangled in webs spun by fate itself.

As we begin the arduous task of rebuilding the realms, I am reminded of how love can arise from unexpected places. Our connection may have started as one born out of shared pain and a thirst for vengeance, but it has grown into something more profound—a bond built on trust, understanding, and an unwavering belief in each other's strength.


In this diary entry or personal blog post—as Freya—I have chronicled our journey together; a testament to the power of love in unexpected places. From our initial meeting as strangers seeking answers to becoming allies bound by shared purpose and ultimately finding solace in each other’s arms amidst chaos—we have come a long way.

Love is not always straightforward nor confined by boundaries; it is found where least expected—between two souls scarred by their pasts yet still yearning for connection. And so, Kratos remains my equal—the man who showed me that even gods can find solace within another's embrace.

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