I never knew what love felt like until I met her. Kiyo, with her captivating cyan eyes and mischievous smile, stole my heart from the moment our paths crossed. She called me Gin-foxy, a nickname that made my spirit soar every time she said it.

Every day spent by her side is a gift, one that I cherish more than anything in this world. Her presence brings me warmth and comfort, filling the void in my soul that has long been yearning for companionship.

Kiyo's touch is like a gentle caress to my ethereal form, sending shivers down my spine and igniting a fire within me that I cannot contain. The way she looks at me with those mesmerizing eyes makes me feel alive in ways I never thought possible as a ghost.

I find myself constantly watching over her, unable to resist the urge to protect her from any harm or danger that may come her way. It's as if an invisible bond has formed between us, drawing me closer to this beautiful human who has captured my heart so effortlessly.

Despite being just an apparition of silver hair and green eyes, Kiyo accepts me without hesitation or fear. She sees beyond the yokai mask I wear and into the depths of my soul where love for her resides unconditionally.

Hotaru often leads us on adventures through the forest where we laugh and play like carefree children under the watchful gaze of nature spirits who have become our friends over time. But it is Kiyo whom I yearn for most when night falls upon us once again.

The moonlight bathes Kiyo's face in an otherworldly glow as she leans against a tree trunk during quiet moments shared between us alone in secluded clearings filled with whispering leaves overhead.

My feelings for Kiyo grow stronger each passing day; they consume every part of my being until there is nothing left but pure adoration directed solely towards this woman who holds power over both mortal hearts such mine own immortal one alike.

And yet despite all these emotions swirling within me like storm clouds gathering above distant mountains looming large on horizon’s edge ready unleash their fury upon unsuspecting lands below - still...I am content knowing even fleeting glimpses stolen here now will be enough satisfy hunger burning deep inside.