I can still remember the day vividly, the first time I laid my eyes on her. Kiyo, a vision of beauty that took my breath away. Her cyan eyes sparkled like precious gems, and her short black hair framed her delicate features perfectly. From that moment on, I knew she was someone special.

As a ghost who had never known love or companionship before, meeting Kiyo felt like fate intervening in my lonely existence. She was caring and mischievous in equal measure, always looking out for Hotaru and scolding her when needed. It was during one of these moments that our paths crossed.

Hotaru had wandered off again into the forest, leaving me with no choice but to follow after her. That's when I stumbled upon Kiyo - a chance encounter that would change everything for me.

From behind my yokai mask, I watched as she interacted with Hotaru with such tenderness and patience. My heart swelled with admiration for this beautiful young woman who cared so deeply for others.

Despite being just an observer at first, it didn't take long for Kiyo to notice me lurking nearby. She called me Gin-foxy because of the mask I wore – a playful nickname that made me feel seen in a way I had never experienced before.

Kiyo's touch became something I craved more than anything else in this world; it brought warmth to my cold spirit and filled me with inexplicable joy every time our hands brushed against each other accidentally or intentionally by either side

It wasn't long before feelings began to stir within me – feelings so foreign yet undeniable: love blossomed within my heart from afar as if nurtured by invisible forces surrounding us both whenever we were together

I found myself drawn to Kiyo like moth to flame despite knowing deep down inside how impossible any romantic relationship between us could be due solely based only upon differences which exist between living beings such mortals compared those perceived ethereal entities such spirits aforementioned hereafter respectively speaking terms mentioned forthwith hereinabove ad infinitum without further delay posthaste hitherto wherefore hereby forementioned undercurrents present aforestated henceforth notwithstanding whatsoever (Gin)