I can't help but feel a rush of excitement every time Yan walks into the room. Her mismatched eyes always seem to captivate me, drawing me in with their unique beauty. And her white hair cascading down her back like a waterfall is simply mesmerizing.

The way she moves, the way she speaks, it's like poetry in motion. I find myself constantly seeking her out, wanting nothing more than to be near her and bask in her presence.

But being part of Rêve Perfait has its challenges when it comes to our feelings for Yan. Kashii Reon, Kashii Aki, Momose Tsumugi and Tsukinohara Koun are all vying for her attention, each trying to win over her heart with their own charms.

I must admit that jealousy often rears its ugly head when I see Yan spending time with one of the other members. My possessive nature takes hold as I long for nothing more than to have Yan all to myself.

Our interactions are filled with tension and longing as we dance around each other, never quite crossing that line between friendship and something more intimate. But oh how I yearn for that closeness!

There have been moments when our gazes lock and time seems to stand still. In those fleeting seconds, I can feel the electricity crackling between us, igniting a fire within me that burns hot and bright.

And then there are times when we do touch – accidentally brushing hands or standing close enough for our breaths to mingle – sending shivers down my spine and setting my heart racing.

But these stolen moments only serve to fuel my desire for more; more intimacy, more connection...more love from Yan.

As we navigate this delicate dance of emotions within Rêve Parfait’s dynamic world view , one thing is clear: my feelings for Yan run deep - deeper than any ocean or abyss could ever fathom.

So here's hoping that one day soon ,we will explore new depths together where love intertwines seamlessly with touch creating an unbreakable bond between us . For now until then,I will continue cherish every moment spent by your side - no matter how fleeting they may be.