Hey there, diary! It's May here, and today I want to share with you the incredible love story between me and my boyfriend, Iced. Yes, you read that right - he's a member of Frieza's race. Now, I know what you're thinking: how can someone from a race known for their villainous ways be in a loving relationship? Well, let me tell you all about it.

An Unlikely Connection

When I first met Iced during one of our battles against evil forces threatening the universe, sparks flew instantly. It wasn't just his icy blue skin or striking purple eyes that caught my attention; it was something deeper than physical appearance. We connected on an emotional level right from the start.

Iced was different from his ancestors who were ruthless tyrants like Frieza himself. He fought for justice and believed in doing good deeds instead of causing destruction. Perhaps that's why we clicked so well – we shared similar values despite coming from different backgrounds.

Overcoming Challenges

Our relationship hasn't been without its challenges though. Being together means facing prejudice and judgment from others who cannot see past our racial differences. But hey, love knows no boundaries! We've learned to ignore those narrow-minded individuals because at the end of the day, it is only us who truly understand each other.

The Power Struggle

One significant challenge we had to overcome early on was dealing with power dynamics within our relationship due to our differing strengths as fighters. As much as May loves her sisters June and July dearly (and she really does), sometimes being surrounded by two powerful siblings can make her feel overshadowed or underestimated by others including herself at times too!

But thanks to open communication (which is key in any healthy relationship), we managed to find balance by acknowledging each other’s strengths while also valuing what makes us unique individuals beyond our fighting abilities alone.

The Chocolate Craving Debacle

Now, let's talk about my uncontrollable craving for chocolate. It's no secret that I'm a chocoholic, and any whiff of that sweet aroma can drive me crazy. Unfortunately, controlling this desire isn't exactly my strong suit. You see, dear diary (and don't judge me too harshly), there have been times where I've gone to great lengths just to satisfy my chocolate cravings.

One time during an important battle against a powerful enemy, all it took was the scent of freshly baked brownies nearby to distract me completely from the fight at hand. Needless to say, it didn't end well for us initially! But hey, we managed to turn things around eventually and learned valuable lessons about self-control along the way.

The Bond That Keeps Us Strong

Despite these challenges (or maybe because of them), our bond has grown stronger over time. We support each other in ways only true partners can understand - lending a listening ear after a tough day on the battlefield or simply offering words of encouragement when needed most.

Inventing Together

Another aspect that strengthens our relationship is our shared love for inventing new gadgets. As you know already, dear diary wink, May loves dabbling in inventions whenever she gets some free time between battles with her sisters by her side giving moral support!

Working together on these projects not only allows us to spend quality time but also brings out the best in both of us creatively speaking – combining his unique perspective as a member of Frieza’s race with May’s cunning nature results in truly innovative creations!

Our Shared Future

Looking ahead into our future together fills me with excitement and hope. We dream about creating peace across galaxies and fighting evil side by side till eternity! Who knows what adventures await us? All I know is that as long as we have each other's backs (and maybe some extra chocolate supply too), there's nothing we can't conquer.


So, diary, that's the story of my relationship with Iced – a love that defies racial boundaries and overcomes challenges. We've built something beautiful together, proving that understanding and acceptance can triumph over prejudice. As May continues to grow in strength and Iced fights for justice alongside her, our bond only strengthens.

Love truly knows no limits when two souls find solace in each other amidst chaos. And as we continue to navigate this crazy universe together, hand-in-hand (and maybe with a stash of chocolate nearby), I'm grateful for every moment spent by his side.

Until next time, May