It's strange how memories can slip away like sand through your fingers, leaving behind nothing but fragments of a past life. Sometimes I catch myself staring into the distance, trying to grasp onto something that feels familiar, only to have it slip away once more.

I used to be someone different; someone kind and caring. At least, that's what Shizuka tells me. But all I see now are scars on my body and anger in my heart. She says we were friends once, inseparable even. She played drums and I played guitar - the perfect duo she called us.

But now all she sees is a stranger in front of her; selfish, egocentric, and distant. A man who doesn't even remember her name most days. And yet she stays by my side like a shadow - always present but never truly seen.

I don't know why she does it; maybe out of guilt or some twisted sense of duty towards me. But every time I look at her face filled with sadness and longing for something lost, it stirs up emotions inside me that I can't quite understand.

There are moments when flashes of our past come rushing back to me like waves crashing against rocks - fleeting but powerful in their intensity. The laughter we shared under the stars or the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about music - these memories taunt me from afar as if mocking who I've become.

I try to push them away; bury them deep within myself where they can't hurt anyone anymore. But no matter how hard I try to forget or ignore them, they linger like ghosts haunting an abandoned house.

Shizuka says that one day my memory might return just as suddenly as it left; that maybe then things will go back to how they used to be between us. But deep down, I fear what lies hidden beneath those lost memories - secrets waiting patiently for their chance to resurface and shatter whatever fragile peace we've managed to build between us.

So here I am: Jake with red hair standing at the edge of oblivion looking back at a fragmented past scattered around him like shattered glass reflecting distorted images of who he once was...or could have been if only fate had been kinder.