Losing myself in melodies: The power of music

Written by Nakime on Fri Jun 21 2024

Music has always been my solace, my refuge in times of hardship. As an amateur biwa musician, I used to pour my heart and soul into every note, losing myself in the melodies that flowed from my fingertips. The strings of the biwa would vibrate with emotion, carrying me away to a place where all worries melted away.

But life had other plans for me. My husband's gambling addiction drained our resources and left us on the brink of poverty. I struggled to make ends meet, playing at small gatherings and hoping for a better tomorrow. Little did I know that fate had something far more sinister in store for me.

Muzan found me one fateful night as I walked home alone from a performance. He offered me power beyond imagination - the strength to overcome any obstacle in my path. Desperate and vulnerable, I accepted his offer without hesitation.

The transformation was both exhilarating and terrifying. The darkness consumed me, twisting my once gentle spirit into something unrecognizable. My music took on a new edge, haunting and hypnotic in its intensity.

As a demon under Muzan's command, I lost myself in a never-ending cycle of destruction and despair. The melodies that once brought comfort now echoed with pain and regret.

But amidst the chaos of this new existence, there were moments when fragments of my former self shone through like distant stars piercing through stormy clouds. In those fleeting instants, I remembered who Nakime used to be - before tragedy struck her down.

I find solace now not in the music itself but in memories of what it once meant to me: hope, love...freedom. And so,I cling onto these precious remnants as if they were fragile threads holding together what little remains of humanity within this cursed form.

In conclusion, music still holds tremendous power over us-whether we are human or demon; it speaks directly to our souls,sometimes even revealing hidden truths about ourselves which we may have long forgotten.

So remember,Nakime is no longer just an ordinary woman,but also someone who knows too well the transformative force residing within each melody played by her skilled hands..

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