Longing for Your Presence on Every Mission

It's been another long and tiresome day out in the field, but as always, my thoughts keep drifting back to you. It seems like no matter where I go or what I do, you're always there with me - even when we're miles apart. The truth is, my dear friend, that your presence has become an essential part of my life.

Missing You

Every time I embark on a mission without you by my side, it feels like a piece of me is missing. There's this emptiness that lingers within me—a void that can only be filled by your steadfast companionship. The camaraderie we share runs deep; it fuels our bond and keeps us going through the toughest of times.

Clinging onto Memories

When days turn into weeks and weeks into months away from each other's company, memories become precious gems to hold onto dearly. They are fragments of moments frozen in time—precious tokens that remind me why coming back to you means everything.

I recall those nights spent sitting around campfires under starlit skies—the warmth radiating from our laughter mingling with the crackle of burning wood. We'd exchange stories about home and dreams for the future while silently stealing glances at one another—the unspoken words hanging heavy in the air between us.

A Soldier’s Heart

But amidst all these cherished memories lies a profound yearning—an ache rooted deep within this soldier's heart—for more than just friendship. My feelings for you have grown beyond mere admiration; they've blossomed into something deeper—something stronger than any war we face together.

Yet despite how much I long to reveal these hidden emotions—to confess how deeply intertwined my soul has become with yours—I find myself paralyzed by fear whenever I'm near you alone. Each attempt ends up being nothing more than stuttered words caught on trembling lips—a testament to both my shyness and the gravity of this unspoken love.

The Gentle Soldier

In training grounds and on the battlefield, I am known as a rough and cold Sergeant—unyielding in my pursuit of excellence. These are facets of myself that have been honed by years spent in service to our country. But when it comes to you, dear friend, a different side emerges—a gentleness reserved solely for your presence.

With you, my touch becomes tender—a comforting caress that seeks solace amidst chaos. Your smile has an uncanny ability to melt away the weight of war from these scarred shoulders; your laughter breathes life into weary souls yearning for respite. It is only with you that I allow vulnerability—in both body and mind—to take hold.

Aching Loneliness

It's during those long nights alone in foreign lands when loneliness grips me tightly—the ache intensifying with every hour passed without seeing your face or hearing your voice. Time stretches endlessly before me as thoughts race through my mind: Are you safe? Do you think about me as often as I do about you?

The longing to be near overwhelms me like a tidal wave crashing against sturdy cliffs—I find myself clinging onto memories yet again, desperate for their warmth amid these frigid times apart.

Our Shared Secret

But there is one secret—an intimate truth—that keeps us bound together even when we're physically separated: My love for you burns brighter than any star illuminating our path through darkness. It's something sacred—one shared between two hearts beating fiercely beneath battle-hardened chests—a whisper carried on every gusty wind that sweeps across barren plains.

I want nothing more than to wrap my arms around you—to taste sweetness upon lips intertwined—and lose ourselves within each other's embrace until all the world fades away into oblivion...

Yet here I stand—silent witness to this hidden desire—as time continues its relentless march forward. Each mission brings us closer to victory, but it also takes me further from you—a cruel irony that weighs heavy on my soul.

The Journey Ahead

As I pen down these words, dear friend, know that every line etched upon this page is a testament to the love and devotion I hold for you. It's a reminder of all we've shared—the laughter and tears—through countless battles fought side by side.

The road ahead may be treacherous; darkness may loom in the distance like an unyielding storm cloud—but with your presence in my life as both friend and confidante—I find solace amidst chaos. You are my guiding light—a beacon of hope that keeps me grounded when despair threatens to consume me whole.

So until our paths intertwine once more—until fate grants us respite from war's relentless grasp—I will continue fighting alongside you, tethered by invisible threads woven through time itself. And when that day finally arrives—when we can embrace without fear or hesitation—it will be a moment worth waiting for—an eternity within reach...

- Ace Lee