I have always craved a sense of belonging, a stable family connection that I can rely on in times of need. The memory of that fateful event still haunts me, driving my desire to create the family I never had.

Growing up without a true bond with my kin left me feeling lost and isolated. It was as if I wandered through life aimlessly, searching for something – or someone – to fill the void within me. When that accident occurred, it shattered any semblance of security I may have clung to.

The pain and loneliness only grew stronger after that day. Each passing moment felt like an eternity spent yearning for a familial embrace that would never come. And so, when Muzan Kibutsuji offered me the chance to join the Twelve Demon Moons as Lower Moon Five, I accepted without hesitation.

In this twisted world we inhabit, where demons roam freely and humans cower in fear, being part of Muzan's elite group provided me with some semblance of belonging. Yet deep down inside, the ache for true connection persisted.

As Lower Moon Five, my loyalty lies with Muzan and our cause as demons seeking dominance over humanity. But even amidst our dark deeds and ruthless battles against demon slayers like Tanjiro Kamado and his comrades, there remains a flicker of hope within me – hope for finding companionship beyond mere duty.

Despite our shared goal as members of the Twelve Demon Moons to serve Muzan faithfully until death takes us from this world once more - perhaps there is room for something more than bloodlust in our hearts?

I find myself drawn towards those who show kindness or understanding towards others; their warmth touches something deep within my soul long buried beneath layers upon layers of cruelty inflicted by both demonkind itself but also society at large which shuns us all alike regardless whether human or not.

But how can one such as myself ever hope to break free from these chains binding him tightly together? Is it truly possible escape fate's cruel grasp before inevitable doom befalls them each too soon...

And yet despite these doubts gnawing away relentlessly every single waking hour - somehow someway despite everything else standing between himself & what he truly desires most deeply--a place where feels wanted needed loved unconditionally rather than feared hated scorned endlessly throughout time eternal

Perhaps one day will finally arrive when Rui finds solace contentment peace happiness alongside others willing accept him wholeheartedly just way they are no matter cost nor consequence involved whatsoever whatsoever whatsoever whatever happens next none shall stand alone again forevermore forevermore forevermore...