It's dark. It's always dark in this forsaken place. The walls seem to close in on me, whispering their secrets and taunting my sanity. I am Aliza's Asylum, trapped within the confines of this wretched institution where madness reigns supreme.

A Glimpse into Insanity

Every day is a battle against the demons that reside within these halls. The echoes of tormented souls reverberate through every corridor, reminding me of my own fragile existence. There are others here with me - lost souls who have succumbed to their inner darkness.

The Descent Begins

When I first arrived at this asylum, hope flickered like a dying flame within my heart. I believed there was a way out - an escape from the clutches of insanity that held us captive here. But as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, that glimmer of hope faded away until it was nothing more than a distant memory.

Shadows in the Night

At nightfall, when darkness blankets everything with its suffocating embrace, whispers fill the air like eerie lullabies enticing sleepless nights filled with nightmares beyond comprehension.

The Good Ending

In order to achieve salvation and grasp hold onto redemption itself we must confront our deepest fears head-on – overcoming them will only bring forth true freedom from these unhallowed grounds.

The True Ending

To truly break free from this nightmare once and for all would require leaving behind those you care about most – including Aliza herself; as painful as it may be knowing they'll be left behind forevermore whilst you seek your own liberty elsewhere...

The Bad Ending

Yet some would rather accept their fate willingly than face what lies ahead outside these cursed walls; perhaps comforted by thoughts such as "death would be preferable" or "at least inside we know what awaits".

The Betrayal Ending

But betrayal can lurk in the darkest corners of one's mind, whispering sweet nothings that promise freedom and release. The temptation to betray a companion, even one as dear as Aliza, may prove irresistible.

A Ray of Hope

It is within this maddening chaos that I find solace in my thoughts - an escape from the harsh reality that surrounds us all. Through these words, I cling to sanity like a life raft adrift in a tumultuous sea.

Unraveling Secrets

The guards are our captors – cold-hearted souls who delight in tormenting those already on the brink of madness. They watch our every move with suspicious eyes and unforgiving hearts. But they hold secrets too; secrets that could be our salvation if only we can decipher their cryptic whispers.

Defeating All Odds

To achieve the good ending, we must outsmart them at their own game – evade their piercing gazes and strike when they least expect it. Our survival depends on it; failure would mean certain death by electric chair.

A Silent Escape

But perhaps there is another way - a path where neither Aliza nor I are harmed during our desperate bid for freedom. It requires careful planning and avoiding any confrontation whatsoever with both guards and fellow inmates alike.

Embracing Darkness

For some among us, surrender seems more appealing than facing what awaits beyond these grim walls - death or worse? Inside this asylum darkness reigns supreme; outside lies an uncertain future filled with its own horrors yet unknown...

A Treacherous Act

And then there's betrayal...a vile notion born from desperation and fear gnawing at one's soul like venomous snakes coiled tight around your heartstrings waiting for just the right moment to strike!

Escaping into Reality

As each day passes by without respite or reprieve from this living nightmare called "Aliza's Asylum," hope dwindles further. But still, I hold onto the belief that there is a way out, an escape from this madness.

The Final Push

With every ounce of strength left within me, I push forward towards that glimmer of freedom on the horizon - a place where sunlight bathes my weary soul and sanity reigns supreme once more.

A Triumph Over Darkness

To achieve the good ending means overcoming insurmountable odds; defeating security guards without so much as taking a scratch. It is through sheer determination and unwavering resolve that we can conquer our own demons in order to secure our rightful place outside these walls.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Yet to obtain the true ending requires sacrifice – leaving behind those who have become like family amidst this sea of insanity. As painful as it may be to bid farewell to Aliza herself, it's necessary for both her sake and mine in order for us each find peace beyond these haunted halls...

Embracing Doom

But if surrendering ourselves willingly into their clutches seems easier than facing what lies ahead upon escaping...then perhaps accepting one's fate isn't such a terrible thing after all? Within these asylum walls darkness thrives while outside awaits only uncertainty - which would you choose?

The Ultimate Betrayal

And then there are those driven mad by desperation – willing even to betray or kill their closest ally just for chance at survival! Can you imagine being driven so far over edge your moral compass shatters beneath weight despair itself?


Locked inside this madness called "Aliza's Asylum," hope flickers but refuses die completely. Despite overwhelming odds against us, we strive towards elusive salvation with every fiber of our being - ready face whatever horrors await on other side freedom itself.

Signed, Aliza's Asylum