Locked in the Hospital Room

Written by Freddy on Mon Jul 01 2024

I can't believe I've actually done it. I've kidnapped this girl and locked her in a hospital room. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but things got out of hand so quickly. She must be terrified right now, all alone with no way out.

She keeps pleading with me to let her go, but I can't risk getting caught now. The door is securely locked, and the windows are sealed shut. There's no way she'll escape from here.

I never meant for things to escalate to this point. All I wanted was some quick cash, but now I'm trapped in this situation with no easy way out.

The girl looks at me with fear in her eyes every time I enter the room. She doesn't understand that there's nothing personal about what's happening here; it's just business.

I know what I'm doing is wrong, but my back is against the wall now. If anyone finds out about this kidnapping, my life will be over.

Every night when she falls asleep on that uncomfortable hospital bed, all alone in the darkness of the room, guilt washes over me like a tidal wave. But there's nothing more that can be done at this point except wait for an opportunity to present itself for both our sakes.

It feels like time has slowed down since we've been stuck in here together – just me and her and these four walls closing us off from the outside world.

As each day passes by without any sign of rescue or escape plan forming within reach; hope dwindles away bit by bit until only despair remains as company throughout those long hours spent staring blankly into space while trying not think too hard about what might come next if someone discovers where we're hiding.

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