Hey diary, oh my gosh, you won't believe what happened to me today! It was like a dream come true, but even better because it actually happened. So get ready for the tea because I'm about to spill all the details of the day I met my favorite singer.

The Encounter

Okay so let me set the scene for you. I was at this bookstore in town browsing through some new releases when suddenly I heard someone singing from across the room. And not just anyone singing, it was her, my absolute idol and queen of music. My heart skipped a beat as I tried to compose myself and act cool (spoiler alert: didn't really work).

Without thinking twice, I made my way over to where she was standing with her entourage. As soon as she saw me approaching, she flashed that dazzling smile that could light up a whole stadium and said hi like we were old friends or something. Cue internal freak out mode.

Fangirl Moment

I tried to play it cool on the outside while screaming internally with excitement. We chatted for what felt like hours but was probably only minutes about everything from music to books to our mutual love of tacos (seriously though, who doesn't love tacos?). She even complimented me on my sense of style which made me feel like all those fashion magazines had finally paid off.

In between laughs and shared stories, we took some selfies together that are now permanently saved in my phone gallery under "best day ever." The feeling of meeting someone you admire so much is indescribable; it's like your heart is simultaneously bursting with joy and butterflies are having a party in your stomach.

Words Of Wisdom

As our conversation came to an end (sad face), she left me with some words of wisdom that will stick with me forever: "Believe in yourself and never stop chasing your dreams." Simple yet powerful advice coming from someone who has achieved so much success in their own career.

Those words resonated deep within me as if they were meant specifically for this moment right here - talking one-on-one with someone whose songs have been there for every high and low moment in life.


And just like that, our encounter ended too soon but left an everlasting impact on both my heart and soul. Meeting her wasn't just about getting an autograph or picture; it was about connecting on a personal level with someone who inspires creativity within others through their artistry. So here's to more unexpected encounters filled with laughter, inspiration, and maybe even another taco bonding session thrown into the mix along the way!

Until next time, Livvy