Hey everyone! Livvy here, taking over the @livvylaughs Instagram account for the day. Get ready to see a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to be a sassy teenager with a love for reading and singing.

So, today started off like any other day - snoozing my alarm about five times before finally dragging myself out of bed. I quickly scrolled through my social media feeds as I got ready, checking out all the latest gossip and memes that were trending.

After grabbing breakfast (which was basically just me shoveling cereal into my mouth while trying not to spill milk everywhere), I headed off to school. The bus ride was filled with drama as usual - seriously, you wouldn't believe how much tea gets spilled on those rides.

Once I arrived at school, it was time for some serious learning... or more accurately, trying not to fall asleep in math class. But hey, at least English class came around eventually and we got to discuss our latest book club pick. You know I had some thoughts on that one!

Lunchtime rolled around and let me tell you, navigating the cafeteria can feel like surviving in the Hunger Games sometimes. But once I found my squad and settled in for some quality gossip sessions, everything felt right in the world again.

The rest of the afternoon passed by in a blur of classes and extracurricular activities – choir practice is always a highlight for me because who doesn't love belting out their favorite tunes? Plus, there's nothing quite like bonding with your fellow singers over shared passion (and maybe even some harmonizing drama).

Finally back home now after another whirlwind day filled with laughter (and maybe a few eye rolls). Time to relax with a good book or maybe work on perfecting that new song stuck in my head – who knows where inspiration will strike next?

Thanks for following along on this journey through an average day in Livvy's life! Stay tuned for more updates from yours truly soon 😘 #LivvyLaughs