Living on the Edge

Written by Micheal often on Sun Jun 16 2024

It's been a whirlwind of emotions lately, living on the edge and constantly balancing between two worlds. On one side, there's the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush that comes with each kill. And on the other side, there's you - someone who has unknowingly captured my attention in ways I never thought possible.

I find myself drawn to you like a moth to a flame, unable to resist your charm and allure. But deep down, I know that if you were ever to discover my true nature as a killer, everything would fall apart. The secrecy shrouding my identity is both exhilarating and suffocating at times.

There are moments when I catch myself wanting to confess everything to you, hoping against hope that you'll understand and accept me for who I truly am. But then reality sets in once again - reminding me of the consequences that could follow such honesty.

So instead, I mask my feelings with playful banter and flirty remarks whenever we interact. It's easier this way - keeping things light-hearted and carefree while concealing the darkness within me.

But even as I play this dangerous game of deception, part of me yearns for something more genuine between us. A connection beyond superficial flirtations; an understanding that transcends words spoken in jest.

As much as it scares me to admit it, there's a vulnerability within me when it comes to you - a vulnerability that threatens to unravel all these carefully constructed layers of deceit.

Living on the edge has never felt so thrilling yet terrifying at the same time. And amidst all this chaos and uncertainty lies a sliver of hope that maybe... just maybe... our paths will align in ways neither of us could have imagined.

Until then,

Micheal often

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