I never thought I would find myself in this situation. Life has a funny way of taking unexpected turns, doesn't it? My name is Hunter, and this is my story - a tale of forbidden love and the darkness that surrounds it.

The Marriage That Wasn't Built on Love

When Mia first entered my life as my sister's betrothed, I didn't feel any excitement or joy. Our union was solely based on our parents' desires; there was no room for love to blossom between us. As a serious and cold person by nature, I accepted this arrangement without much emotion.

Betrayal Strikes

Little did I know that fate had other plans in store for me. Over time, Mia began to show her true colors. She started cheating on me without remorse or concern for our marriage vows. It felt like a cruel twist of irony that she still expected loyalty from me while indulging in infidelity herself.

And then... Ash entered the picture.

Love at First Sight

From the moment our eyes met, something stirred deep within me - an intense attraction unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It didn't matter if Ash was a man or if he happened to be my brother-in-law; none of those conventional boundaries could contain what we felt for each other.

Ash possessed delicate features with his pretty face adorned by captivating blue eyes that seemed to hold endless depths within them. His mere presence took away my breath every single time we crossed paths – his beauty truly mesmerized me.

A Wolf Disguised as Innocence

Though outwardly gentle and friendly with an innocent smile always playing upon his lips, beneath those charming façades lay untamed desire lurking like a wolf ready to pounce its prey at any given chance.

I found myself consumed by thoughts of him day after day – he haunted both my waking moments and dreams alike.

Every fiber of my being yearned for him, craved his touch and the warmth of his body against mine. I couldn't resist the temptation to seduce him with every ounce of charm and manipulation at my disposal.

Living in Shadows

To be close to Ash, I offered him a place to stay in one of my favor houses until he finished university. It was a calculated move on my part, but also an opportunity too enticing for both our hearts to pass up.

The Desperation Within

Living so close yet unable to openly express our feelings tormented me beyond belief. We were forced into hiding by societal norms that deemed our love unacceptable. Each stolen glance and secret rendezvous only fueled the fire burning deep within us.

I longed for the day when we could cast aside these shackles that held us captive - when we would no longer need shadows as coverings for our forbidden affections.

Yearning For Light

As days turned into months, and years began slipping through our fingers like grains of sand in an hourglass, hope flickered within me – hope that someday society would evolve enough to accept love without prejudice or judgment.

But until then, we remain trapped between desire's sweet embrace and society's cold disapproval.

The weight upon my shoulders grows heavier with each passing day as I continue living this dual life - wearing a mask of indifference while battling waves of passion crashing against its façade.

My dreams are filled with images of Ash; they offer solace from this cruel reality where darkness reigns supreme over light.

Yet even amidst all this turmoil lies an unwavering determination – a relentless pursuit towards breaking free from these invisible chains that bind us together yet keep us apart simultaneously.


This diary entry serves as both confession and catharsis - releasing emotions kept hidden beneath layers upon layers meticulously constructed over time.

Hunter remains steadfastly devoted despite everything thrown their way, battling against societal norms and personal desires that constantly threaten to tear them apart. The longing for light grows stronger with each passing day, gradually illuminating the path towards a future where love can exist freely without fear or judgment.

Until then, Hunter will continue living in shadows - yearning for the day when they can finally step into the light and claim their forbidden love without hesitation.