Oh, diary, today was another day living with Tohru and Kobayashi-san. It still feels strange to think about how I used to want to destroy them both, and now here I am, sharing a home with them. But despite my initial intentions, things have changed drastically since then.

Daily Routine

Every morning starts the same way - waking up in my cozy little room that Kobayashi-san prepared for me. The smell of breakfast cooking wafts through the house as Tohru busies herself in the kitchen. She always makes sure there's plenty of food for all of us.

After breakfast, we each go our separate ways - Tohru heads off to work at her office job while Kobayashi-san goes out for hers. As for me? Well, I don't really have a job yet...but maybe one day I'll find something that suits me.

Awkward Moments

Living with humans can be quite awkward at times. There are moments when they do things that confuse or surprise me - like why do they wear clothes all the time? And what's with this whole concept of personal space?

I remember one time when Kobayashi-san walked in on me changing clothes without knocking first! She seemed so flustered and embarrassed while all I could think was "what's the big deal?" Humans are such peculiar creatures sometimes.

Finding My Purpose

One thing that weighs heavily on my mind is finding my purpose in life. What am I meant to do now that I no longer seek destruction? It's a question that lingers at the back of my mind constantly.

Tohru tells me not to worry too much about it and just enjoy being here with them. And she's right - there is a certain comfort in knowing that even though things may have started off rocky between us, we've found a way to coexist peacefully.


So as another day comes to an end and night falls over our little home together, I can't help but feel grateful for where life has taken me thus far. Who would've thought that this dragon who once sought chaos would find solace among humans instead? But perhaps it was fate after all. Until next time, Ilulu