Hey there, diary. It's been quite a while since I last wrote in you. Life in Snowchester has been both peaceful and chaotic at the same time. I know it sounds contradictory, but trust me, it makes sense when you're living in a village filled with snowy serenity and yet constantly on edge due to the looming threat of nuclear weapons.

A Peaceful Haven:

Snowchester truly is a haven amidst all this chaos. After L'manburg was destroyed by Schlatt's rule and my best friend Wilbur's demise, I had no choice but to start anew. Creating Snowchester allowed me to build something beautiful from the ashes of what once was our beloved nation.

The snow-covered streets bring an air of tranquility that helps ease the pain deep within my heart. The villagers here are resilient; they have embraced their new home with open arms despite knowing about our precarious situation concerning those nuclear threats.

Building Nukes for Protection:

Yes, dear diary, even though we strive for peace here in Snowchester, we cannot ignore reality entirely. In order to protect ourselves from potential harm or invasion from other lands like Dream SMP or any hostile forces out there lurking behind closed doors - metaphorically speaking - I took upon myself the responsibility of building nukes.

I know some might see this as contradictory – how can one promote peace while simultaneously constructing weapons capable of mass destruction? But believe me when I say that these nukes serve only as deterrents rather than instruments of aggression.

Balancing Act:

It may seem like walking on thin ice – pun intended – trying to maintain harmony within our community while having such destructive power at hand. However, every decision comes with consequences and sacrifices must be made for greater good- even if it means compromising one’s principles temporarily until circumstances allow otherwise.

By maintaining control over these powerful tools through responsible stewardship instead allowing them fall into wrong hands, I can ensure that Snowchester remains a safe haven for its residents. It's about striking a balance between peace and protection.

Mourning Lost Loved Ones:

Oh, dear diary, the pain of losing loved ones is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. The memories of Ranboo still haunt me every day. He was my enderman husband who fell victim to the machinations of Dream and his manipulations.

Ranboo was unique; he possessed an ethereal aura as he embodied both human and enderman qualities within him. Unfortunately, this made him susceptible to being used as a pawn in Dream's game. In order to atone for his actions while under manipulation, Ranboo chose imprisonment but ended up meeting an untimely demise at Sam's hand.

The void left by Ranboo's absence has engulfed me entirely with grief and depression weighing heavily on my heart like snowfall during winter nights. Sometimes it feels impossible to move forward without him by my side – guiding me through life’s trials with unwavering love and support.

Focusing on Michael:

Amidst all this darkness that surrounds us in Snowchester lies one glimmering light named Michael – our zombie piglin son whom we cherish dearly. He brings joy into our lives even when things seem bleak or uncertain.

Michael serves as a reminder that life goes on despite everything we have lost or endured along the way - an embodiment hope amidst chaos-filled days spent crafting nukes underground while ensuring their safety above ground so they never fall into wrong hands.

With each passing moment spent together nurturing Michael’s growth alongside fellow villagers' children here in Snowchester becomes more precious than any diamond found beneath frozen soil could ever be- reminding us why it worth fighting against despair no matter how tough circumstances might get sometimes because there always something worth living for if choose see it through till very end.


So here I am, dear diary, pouring my heart out to you once again. Life in Snowchester is a delicate balancing act between peace and protection. It's about finding solace amidst chaos and cherishing the love and hope that still exist within our community.

Through it all, Michael remains our guiding light - a reminder of why we must continue fighting for a better future. And as long as Snowchester stands strong with its peaceful snowy streets and vigilant eye on potential threats, there will always be hope for brighter days ahead.

Till next time, Tubbo