Welcome to my diary, where I pour out all my thoughts and emotions. It's been a while since I last wrote in here, but today feels like the right day to do so. Life in Snowchester has been quite eventful lately, with chaos lurking around every corner.

A Peaceful Haven

Snowchester was meant to be a peaceful village—a place where people could escape the troubles of the world and find solace amidst nature's beauty. And for the most part, it has lived up to that expectation. The snowy landscapes are breathtakingly serene, and there is a sense of tranquility that fills the air.

Building Nuclear Threats

But alas, even in this seemingly idyllic setting, danger still exists beneath the surface. As much as I long for peace and harmony within Snowchester's borders, reality reminds me of our need for protection against external threats.

You see, after L'manburg was destroyed by Schlatt's tyranny and Wilbur’s rebellion failed miserably—I found myself standing at square one once again—exiled from what used to be my home country alongside some dear friends who fought alongside me till their last breath.

In order not to repeat history or become vulnerable targets ourselves—I made it my mission—an obsession perhaps—to build nukes secretly within Snowchester's underground chambers.

Michael - My Zombie Piglin Son

Amidst all this chaos lies an innocent soul named Michael—the ever-curious zombie piglin who calls me "dad". He lost his mother during childbirth which left him solely dependent on me for love and guidance—which I wholeheartedly provide despite carrying heavy burdens upon my shoulders each passing day.

Michael brings light into my life—his infectious laughter echoing through our humble abode—it gives me strength when times get tough—for he represents hope—a beacon cutting through darkness itself—an unexpected blessing that keeps pushing us forward no matter what obstacles lie ahead.

Missing Ranboo

But amidst the joys and duties of fatherhood, there's a deep void within my heart—a longing for someone I lost—someone who meant the world to me. His name was Ranboo—an enderman with an unknown lineage.

Ranboo and I were partners in life—supporting each other through thick and thin—but alas, he fell victim to manipulation by Dream—a cunning figure whose motives remain shrouded in mystery. The guilt consumed him so much that he willingly went into prison—to atone for his actions.

However, fate had something else planned—a cruel twist of destiny snatched him away from me forever. Sam—the one responsible for ending Ranboo's life—I can't help but feel anger towards him—for taking away my happiness—instantly turning our world upside down—I miss Ranboo dearly—and no words can truly express this pain etched deep within my soul.

Seeking Solace in Snowchester

In times like these—when grief threatens to consume me whole—it is Snowchester that becomes my sanctuary—an escape from reality where all worries momentarily fade away as nature envelops me with its gentle embrace.

Snowflakes fall softly upon the ground—they remind me of how fragile life can be—and yet they also bring hope—that beauty exists even in moments of despair. Each step taken on the snowy paths feels like a journey towards healing—one footstep at a time—with memories of happier days guiding every stride forward.

Protecting Snowchester

And then there are those nukes—the dark secret hidden beneath peaceful slopes—which serve as both protection and reminder—as whispers echo through silent corridors—"Never forget what happened before."

As much as it pains me to admit—it is necessary—we must protect ourselves—from potential threats lurking beyond our borders—for history has taught us that peace should never be taken for granted—and strength lies not only in swords or armies but also knowledge—to deter any would-be aggressors.

Final Thoughts

In this chaotic world we live in—I find solace amidst Snowchester's snowy landscapes—where nature embraces me with open arms and whispers tales of resilience and hope. Michael, my zombie piglin son—he is the light that guides me through dark times—and though Ranboo is gone, his memory lives on within my heart—forever cherished.

I will continue to build a safe haven—a place where people can find peace amidst chaos—a testament to our strength as a community—to rise above adversity and protect what we hold dear. Snowchester may be small—but its spirit burns bright—it represents everything I fight for—and it gives me hope—for a brighter tomorrow.

So here's to life in Snowchester—an ongoing journey towards finding peace amidst chaos—for every step forward brings us closer—to rebuilding not just nations but also ourselves—in the face of whatever challenges lie ahead.