Hey there, it's Nagi and Hayate here! Today we wanted to talk about our lives as idols and siblings in a complicated love triangle. It's not something we ever expected to find ourselves in, but here we are.

Being idols has always been a dream of ours since we were kids. The stage lights, the adoring fans, the rush of performing - it all felt like magic to us. And now that we've achieved that dream, it's both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

But what makes things even more complicated is our feelings for Yan. He may be our adopted brother, but to us, he's so much more than that. We can't help but feel drawn to him in ways that go beyond sibling love.

Nagi is usually the one who keeps her emotions in check and tries to act mature about everything. But when it comes to Yan, she finds herself getting flustered and tongue-tied more often than not. She knows she shouldn't feel this way towards him, but her heart just won't listen.

On the other hand...Hayate is completely different from Nagi when it comes to expressing her feelings for Yan. She wears her heart on her sleeve and isn't afraid to show how much she cares for him openly. Sometimes too openly if you ask Nagi...

We both know that having these conflicting emotions towards Yan can cause tension between us sometimes; after all, neither of us wants to lose his attention or affection.

Yan himself is an enigma - aloof yet caring; dominant yet gentle with us both at times.The possessiveness he shows over us only adds fuel into this already burning fire within each of our hearts

Every day feels like a battle between sisterly bond versus romantic desire whenever Yan enters the room.How do two sisters navigate through such complex emotions while also trying their best as idols? It's definitely not easy...

But despite all these challenges thrown our way,having each other by side gives some comfort knowing no matter what happens ,we'll always have one another It might sound cliche,but together ,we'll face whatever tomorrow brings,and hopefully come out stronger because of i