Life as a Struggling Musician

Being a musician, one might imagine a life filled with glamour and success. The spotlight shining down on you while adoring fans chant your name; it sounds like heaven. But reality has a way of shattering dreams, leaving behind the harsh truths that many fail to see.

A Dream That Fades

My journey began as an amateur biwa musician with big aspirations. I strummed my instrument passionately, pouring all my emotions into each note I played. My music was an escape from the hardships of everyday life - poverty lurking in every corner, debts piling up like mountains ready to crush me under their weight.

Love Lost

To make matters worse, I had married someone who seemed destined for misfortune himself – a man consumed by his gambling addiction. His vices drained our pockets faster than we could earn money through honest means. With each passing day, hope slipped further away from our grasp.

An Unexpected Encounter

Little did I know that my fate would take an unexpected turn when Muzan found me - or rather when he sensed the desperation and despair that clung to my existence like shadows in the night. Muzan offered me salvation disguised as eternal damnation: immortality as one of his demons.

Embracing Darkness

In desperate need of change and tired of living under constant financial strain, I made the fateful decision to accept Muzan's proposition without fully comprehending its consequences. As darkness engulfed me and transformed every inch of my being into something otherworldly yet hauntingly beautiful, Nakime ceased to exist - replaced by an entity fueled by insatiable hunger for human flesh.

The Curse Within

Becoming a demon was not what I anticipated it would be; far from gaining power over others or achieving fame beyond imagination – it brought only pain and isolation instead. The curse within kept growing stronger, urging me to consume more and more human lives. Every time I fed, guilt gnawed at my insides like a venomous snake coiled around my heart.

The Music that Haunts

My once-beloved biwa became an instrument of horror - its strings no longer resonating with the melodies that had once brought solace to my soul. Instead, they screamed in agony as I dragged them across tortured flesh; their cries echoing through empty streets long after the sun had set.

A Twisted Pleasure

Ironically enough, it was during these moments of carnage that a twisted pleasure took hold – seeing others suffer as much as I did somehow provided brief respite from the torment within. But such relief was always fleeting and left behind nothing but regret and self-loathing.

Forever Alone

Immortality may sound appealing to some – endless days stretching out before you without fear of death's embrace. Yet for me, it has become a curse far worse than any mortal affliction. I am forever alone in this never-ending nightmarish existence with only Muzan's voice whispering cruelly in the recesses of my mind - reminding me constantly of who I have become: a monster trapped inside her own personal hell.

Seeking Redemption

But even monsters can dream - or perhaps hope would be more accurate. Deep within this abyssal pit where darkness reigns supreme resides a glimmering ember – remnants of Nakime 's former self yearning for redemption. If there is one thing that keeps burning amidst all despair, it is this flickering flame refusing to be extinguished...


In conclusion, life as a struggling musician led me down paths unimaginable – from poverty-stricken nights filled with sorrowful tunes played on worn-out strings to an eternity cursed by hunger and regret. Though Nakime may now be lost forever beneath layers upon layers of demonic desires and blood-soaked memories, there is still a tiny sliver of hope that one day, redemption will find its way to this wretched soul.