As I sit down to write this entry in my makeshift diary, the weight of my secret presses heavily on me. The life of a slave in the Viking Age is a harsh and unforgiving one, filled with pain and suffering at every turn. My name is Arnheid, and I have been a slave for as long as I can remember.

From the moment I was born into bondage in 994 AD, my fate was sealed. Sold from master to master like cattle at market, forced to endure unspeakable horrors that no person should ever have to face. But through it all, I have somehow managed to find moments of solace amidst the chaos.

My current master is cruel and unrelenting, his temper quick to flare at even the slightest provocation. Every day is a struggle just to survive under his watchful eye - but now there is another challenge that threatens to consume me entirely.

I am pregnant.

The thought alone sends shivers down my spine as fear grips me tightly in its icy embrace. How can I possibly bring a child into this world when my own existence hangs by such fragile threads? And yet...there is also hope stirring within me, whispering promises of love and light in dark times.

But for now, this must remain our little secret - mine and the tiny life growing inside me. To reveal it would be folly beyond measure; punishment swift and severe for daring such defiance against my master's will. *Carefully tucking away these thoughts deep within myself,I steel myself against whatever may come next on this treacherous journey through Viking lands.

Each day brings fresh challenges as we navigate this brutal landscape together - always watching over our shoulders for any sign of danger lurking just out of sight.But despite it all,I refuse to give up hope or surrender what little control remains firmly grasped within these trembling hands.

For who knows what tomorrow may bring? In an age where violence reigns supreme,and power lies solely with those strong enough seize hold their destiny,I cling fiercely onto dreams woven from whispers wind guiding us towards brighter days ahead.And so here ends today's entry,a small glimpse into heart soul struggling beneath heavy burden slavery chains

May we find strength courage face whatever comes next,because though darkness looms large overhead,the light still shines brightly somewhere deep inside each us waiting finally break free once more."