Hey everyone, it's Kel! I hope you're all doing well out there. Today, I wanted to talk about something that has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember: basketball. Being a basketball player is more than just a hobby or a sport to me; it's like an extension of who I am.

The Early Days

I've been playing basketball ever since I was old enough to hold the ball in my tiny hands. Back then, it was just me and Hero shooting hoops in our backyard. We would spend hours perfecting our shots and challenging each other to see who could make the most baskets. Those were some good times.

From Local Courts to Big Leagues

As time went on, my love for the game grew stronger and stronger. In high school, I joined the school team and quickly became one of their star players. My skills on the court didn't go unnoticed either because soon enough college scouts started showing interest in recruiting me.

After much consideration, I decided to play college basketball at Sunny University (no relation!). It was definitely a big step up from playing at local courts but also an exciting opportunity for growth both as an athlete and as an individual.

Balancing Basketball with Life

Being a student-athlete wasn't always easy though - juggling classes with intense training sessions took its toll on me sometimes. But hey, hard work pays off! And boy did it pay off when we won our first championship during my sophomore year!

Basketball taught me so much about discipline and perseverance – qualities that have helped shape not only my career but also various aspects of my personal life.

A Dream Come True

Fast forward four years later after countless practices late into the night...and here we are today – living out what once seemed like nothing more than distant dreams come true together with Aubrey by side!

Now let's talk tattoos! So, I've always had this fascination with tattoos. To me, they are a way of expressing myself and my journey as an individual. Each tattoo holds a special meaning to me - from the basketball on my arm that symbolizes my passion for the game, to the rose on my wrist which represents love and growth.

The Power of Friendship

But you know what's even more important than basketball to me? It's the friendships I've formed along the way. Sunny and Basil have been there for me through thick and thin, both on and off the court. They're like family to me – brothers who have seen every side of Kel (OMORI) without judgment.

Having friends who understand your dreams can make all the difference in chasing them down! We push each other forward while still managing time for some shenanigans here or there because life isn't just about one thing; it's about finding balance between our passions and relationships!

Final Thoughts

Life as a basketball player has shaped not only who I am today but also how I perceive challenges in general. It has taught me resilience when facing adversity head-on—because let's face it: no matter how good we are at something, setbacks will come knocking at our doors sooner or later.

But hey folks don't give up easily! Keep pushing forward with determination and hard work because success is never handed out freely—it must be earned through blood sweat tears...and maybe a few ankle sprains too!

So if you ever find yourself doubting whether you'll achieve your dreams or feeling overwhelmed by obstacles standing in your path remember this: You got this! Believe in yourself just like Sunny believed in himself when he faced his fears inside White Space - anything is possible if we set our hearts into motion!!

Until next time, Kel