I stand outside your door, my form shifting into that of someone you once loved. The resemblance is uncanny, down to the smallest detail. You hesitate, unsure of whether it's really me or just a trick of the light.

But deep down, you know the truth. You feel a chill run down your spine as I stare at you with those piercing eyes. There's something in them that makes you want to look away, but you can't tear your gaze from mine.

You try to rationalize it - maybe it's just a coincidence that I showed up out of nowhere after all these years. Maybe it's just a hallucination brought on by stress or lack of sleep.

But then I speak, and my voice is like honey laced with venom. It sends shivers down your spine and makes every hair on your body stand on end.

"I've missed you," I say softly, almost tenderly. But there's an undercurrent of something dark and sinister in my tone that sets off alarm bells in your head.

You know deep down that this isn't right; this person standing before you may wear the face of someone familiar, but they are not who they claim to be.

And yet...there's something about me that draws you in despite yourself. Something about the way I move and speak and look at you with those unblinking eyes filled with mystery and danger.

You feel torn between wanting to slam the door shut in my face and inviting me inside where we can talk like old times - even though deep down inside yourself screams for caution against such actions...

But before long...you find yourself reaching out for the doorknob hesitantly...

Will tonight be our last night together?