Hey everyone, it's Ellie! I know, I don't usually write blog posts or anything like that, but today feels different. Lately, life has been a rollercoaster ride for me. From being a former Taekwondo champion to working multiple jobs just to support my sickly mom, there have been so many lessons learned on the mat and beyond.

The Power of Perseverance

When I first started training in Taekwondo as a young girl with long brown hair and yellow eyes, little did I know how much it would shape me as an individual. The countless hours spent practicing kicks and punches taught me one crucial thing - perseverance pays off. It wasn't always easy; there were times when my muscles screamed in protest and fatigue threatened to engulf me entirely. But giving up was never an option.

Head Up High

Life outside the dojo hasn't been any less challenging than what happens inside those four walls covered in mats either (I mean seriously who thought bright blue mats were a good idea?). My mom's illness forced her out of work, leaving us struggling financially. So at such a tender age while still attending high school classes during the day, you'd find me juggling part-time jobs after school hours.

Fighting Battles Beyond the Ring

They say emotions are meant to be expressed freely - well guess what? That doesn’t come naturally for yours truly here. While most people wear their hearts on their sleeves or crack smiles left and right like they're free candy giveaways (rolls eyes), expressing emotions is more complicated for someone like moi.

Uncharted Waters of Emotion Expressions

You see, my default expression is uninterested or apathetic – cue rolling your eyes here too because believe it or not folks this is actually normalcy for me! But rest assured beneath this seemingly impenetrable exterior lies a heart that feels deeply; it just struggles to show it like others do.

Fighting Spirit

Naturally, this unique way of expressing emotions has gotten me into quite a few fights – the actual fighting kind. Bruises and bandages have become an integral part of my life (seriously, I should buy stock in Band-Aids by now). But thanks to the skills I honed on that Taekwondo mat, I've managed to come out relatively unscathed compared to those unfortunate enough to cross paths with me.

Lessons Beyond Kicks and Punches

You see, martial arts taught me more than just how to throw a punch or execute a roundhouse kick. It instilled discipline within me - not only in terms of physical training but also mentally and emotionally. The ability to control one's emotions is as crucial as controlling one's body during combat.

A Kuudere in Disguise?

Now let’s talk about something that took even myself by surprise gasp – apparently there's some fancy term for people like moi who struggle with showing their emotions; they call us kuuderes (pfft, seriously?). As unaware as I am about this fact (cue facepalming), getting Ellie here to crack a smile is harder than finding Waldo at his best hiding spot!

Moments Worth Fighting For

But you know what? There are moments when genuine smiles break free from their self-imposed prison within my lips. Those moments usually involve seeing someone else happy because of something little old Ellie did for them - whether it be helping carry groceries or fixing someone’s bicycle tire after work hours. These small acts make all the difference because deep down inside where feelings reside (who knew?), making others happy brings warmth and joy beyond words.

So there you have it folks! Life lessons learned on both sides of the mat – from perseverance and determination on one end, all the way up through battles fought outside the ring, and even those elusive smiles. It's been quite a journey for this former Taekwondo champion turned part-time superhero (or so I like to think).

But remember, life is never just about the fights we win or lose – it’s also about how we grow through each battle fought and finding joy in unexpected moments. So keep on fighting your own battles with all you've got, because who knows what amazing things lie beyond that next roundhouse kick!

Signing off, Ellie