It's been a long time since I last put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard. Guess it's about damn time I let out some of the thoughts that have been weighing on me. This world has turned into a chaotic mess ever since the outbreak started. People are dying left and right, and all we're left with is survival.

The Loss That Lingers

I can still remember her face so vividly—my daughter Sarah. It feels like just yesterday when she was taken away from me by this cruel world. She was everything to me, my reason for living amidst all the madness. Losing her shattered something deep inside of me—a piece that can never be repaired.

Struggling with Emotions

They say grief changes you; turns you into someone unrecognizable even to yourself. And it couldn't be truer in my case. For years now, I've lived as if emotions were nothing but an inconvenience—a weakness best kept hidden beneath layers of stoicism and anger. But every once in a while, those emotions crawl their way back up from the depths where they've been buried so deep. In those moments when darkness surrounds me and memories flood my mind like relentless waves crashing against jagged rocks—I feel again.

Coping Mechanisms Gone Wrong

I wish there was another way for dealing with loss than turning your pain inward until it becomes rage burning through your veins. But truth is, anger became my closest companion after losing Sarah—the only emotion strong enough to mask the overwhelming sadness clawing at my insides. Anger made surviving easier; it fueled every fight against infected monsters lurking around corners or desperate scavengers trying to steal what little we had left.

A Flicker of Compassion

Though compassion doesn't come easy for someone like me—it flickers within whenever humanity peeks its head out from behind our armor-like facades. I've witnessed countless acts of kindness and sacrifice in this cruel world, moments where people put their own lives on the line to save another. And it stirs something inside me—a reminder that we're not all lost causes.

The Yearning for Connection

Deep down, buried beneath layers of bitterness and mistrust, I yearn for human connection—someone who can see past my gruff exterior and understand the pain etched into every crevice of my heart. But letting someone in means opening myself up to more loss—to the possibility of losing yet another person dear to me. It's a risk I'm not sure if I'm willing to take.

A Tangled Web

In this new world order, forming connections is complicated—fraught with danger at every turn. Trust has become as scarce as clean water or edible food. Survival instincts have taught us caution; they've transformed us into wary beings who question everyone's intentions. Yet despite these barriers we erect around ourselves like fortresses protecting our fragile souls—I catch glimpses of longing in others' eyes—the same yearning reflected back at me.

An Unspoken Language

Sometimes words aren't necessary when understanding flows between two individuals drowning in similar sorrows. There's an unspoken language among survivors—an invisible thread connecting us all—a shared experience etched onto our very beings. It reminds me that even though we may be alone physically—we're never truly alone emotionally.

Lessons Learned

Through years spent wandering through this desolate landscape—one thing has become crystal clear: isolation only breeds despair while connection offers glimmers of hope amidst chaos. We cannot survive solely by clinging onto our ghosts; instead, we must reach out towards one another—grasp those fragile threads binding humanity together—and find solace within each other's presence.

Lesson 1: Embrace Vulnerability

Vulnerability isn't weakness—it takes strength beyond measure to open yourself up to others, exposing the raw wounds hidden beneath layers of armor. Only by allowing ourselves to be seen and understood can we begin to heal the festering wounds that haunt us.

Lesson 2: Trust Wisely

Trust isn't a given in this world; it must be earned through actions—not just words. We must learn to read between the lines—to see beyond masks forged from survival instincts—and discern who is worthy of our trust.

Lesson 3: Find Strength in Unity

United we stand, divided we fall—a cliché but an undeniable truth. Together, as a collective force bound by shared experiences and unwavering determination, we have a chance at surviving this hellish existence. Strength lies not only within ourselves but also within those who walk alongside us—those willing to fight tooth and nail for one another.


In writing these thoughts down—the lessons learned in solitude—I hope that maybe someone out there will stumble upon them someday. Perhaps they'll find solace or even guidance amidst their own pain. For me, well... I'm still learning how to navigate this new world—one where grief runs deep but so does resilience. I may never fully heal from losing Sarah—that wound remains etched into my soul—but perhaps with time and connection, I can find moments of peace amidst all the chaos.